Our Lady of The Assumption


In the Gospel of John, we learn of the story of Lazarus’ death and resurrection. Lazarus  from Bethany was a dear friend to Jesus whom he loved. He had fallen ill and died. Jesus went to visit Lazarus after 4 days of entombment and performed the miracle of raising Lazarus back to life. 

Jesus said to her: “I am the Resurrection and the Life. Whoever believes in me, even though he has died, he shall live. And everyone who lives and believes in me shall not die for eternity. Do you believe this?

She said to him: “Certainly Lord, I believed that you are the Christ, the Son of the living God, who has come into this world.” (John 11 25:27) 

Zachary Oyo 1954 to 2023

Born 8th August 1954. Died 21st August 2023
Zachary Oyo was a cherished member of our parish for over 30 years. His departure will be sorely missed by all friends, family and all who knew him. HIs funeral will be on 4th October 2023.

Roli Inoniyegha 1940 to 2023

Born 19th August 1940. Died 23rd July 2023
It is with great sadness that our beloved Roli Inoniyegha passed away on 23rd July. She was a cherish member of our parish and she will be in our hearts and prayers. We extend our condolences to Roli's family.

Pat Gales 1934 to 2023

Born 1st July 1934. Died 17th February 2023
Dearest parishioners of Our Lady of the Assumption. Along with my sisters Jo and Susan, we wish to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who knew Mum and welcomed her into your hearts during her years at the Church of the Assumption. Mum’s entire life was centred around her faith and love of her Church, and she spoke with great fondness of so many of you personally, and of the various groups she was involved with. We would particularly like to thank all those who attended her funeral back in April – she would have been so delighted to know that so many were there for her. We especially loved the singing at her graveside and it is something we will remember forever. Thank you also for the many cards and floral tributes sent, and for the wonderful words written in the Book of Condolences. She would have loved them all! Many thanks, Teresa x